Electronic Ordering from Abloy UK

We want to make ordering from Abloy UK easy, accurate and convenient for our customers, so we offer a range of Electronic Ordering options. By using the Ordering System that suits them best, we aim to minimise the risk of errors and maximise convenience for our customers.

electronic ordering

A number of electronic ordering options are available according to your ordering pattern, quantity of orders and type of product ordered. We will assist in finding the best solution for your business.

  1. EDI - electronic translation
  2. Excel Upload - from pre-set spreadsheet
  3. Quote to Order electronically
  4. Webshop - click here for a preview

Electronic ordering brings a number of benefits to all parties - the overriding advantage is accuracy of the order but there are many others including:

1. 24/7 Order Entry

2. Reduced risk of order entry error

3. Knowledge that an order is placed as soon as it is generated

4. Improved Customer Service

5. Convenience for both the customer and Abloy

6. Automated - quick and convenient

7. Uses existing IT infrastructure

8. Improved business efficiencies for both parties