New PROTEC² CLIQ Key from Abloy

New CLIQ key
New CLIQ key
New CLIQ key
New CLIQ key
New CLIQ padlock
New CLIQ padlock

Introduced in February 2015, the new ABLOY PROTEC² CLIQ key and cylinder feature new technology offering benefits in everyday use.


  • Larger memory capacity enables the storage of more audit trails
  • 3500 locks or lock groups can be programmed into the key
  • Flexible time-related access rights
  • The battery that allows clock and time features lasts up to ten years
  • User-friendly LED indication on both sides
  • New modern design is comfortable to use
  • Fast opening allowing swift and immediate access
  • Space reserved for fitting an RFID tag
  • New platform allows the development of new features and improvements in the future


  • Improved contacts
  • More durable and robust construction
  • Electronic and mechanical reset for increased security